What's ON?

MuseumON makes arts, culture and science accessible to a wider audience, including those who are less likely to go a traditional museum.

We carefully curate compelling themes and experiences.

This way, MuseumON inspires visitors to learn something new about the world in a fun and engaging manner. We bring educational content to life in a highly immersive way by combining themed set work and digital interactive activities.

MuseumON delivers immersive experiences that inspire, spark conversations, and connect communities.

Our curatorial program focusses on three themes that have a positive social impact:

Arts and culture

By delivering narrative environments, MuseumON makes arts and culture accessible to a wider audience in an entertaining and engaging way.
Topics such as:
  • Popular artists like Van Gogh or da Vinci
  • History
  • Digital art experiences

Science & innovation

Interested in thought-provoking themes? MuseumON showcases content to encourage reflection on the social impact and opportunities of science and technology.

Topics such as:

  • Dinosaurs

  • The future of mobility

  • Space & astronomy


Sustainable Development


MuseumON curates experiences and exhibitions that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Topics such as:

  • Ocean preservation

  • Climate change

  • Gender equality

Image by Tomoe Steineck