Public Spaces

Current global trends (i.e. demographics, environmental issues) call for innovative approaches to revitalize cities and regions.


How to improve location attractiveness and livability for citizens, businesses, and visitors, and turn your area into an inspiring destination?

MuseumON delivers temporary or permanent cultural activations and installations, experiences and exhibitions.


This turns your area into a meaningful and experience-driven destination. It brings people together and delivers value-added activities that inspire the public.

MuseumON helps you to create a unique sense of place that makes arts, culture, and science accessible while stimulating your local community.

Benefits for public places


Become the ‘place to be’

By delivering immersive and unique experiences in public spaces, MuseumON contributes to your branding, modernizing your identity and improving the quality of spaces in your city or region.

Image by Orkhan Farmanli

Support local commerce, bars, and restaurants

Through creative placemaking, MuseumON helps to attract more visitors and businesses, supporting local commerce and entrepreneurs that benefit from the increasing activity in your area.

Redirect visitors in a pleasant way

MuseumON enables you to subtly (re)direct the visitor streams, or reduce the potential disturbances caused by construction works in your area.

Image by Egor Vikhrev

Reach your Corporate Responsibility Goals by presenting art, culture and science

By bringing collections and meaningful content out of their traditional locations into your area, MuseumON makes arts, culture and science accessible to a wider audience, and turns your area into an anchor point for the community.