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We work together with a network of organizations to enrich places by delivering temporary or permanent immersive experiences.


Place owners or policy makers

Content Owner:

NGOs, cultural institutions, art collectors, research institutes, or IP owners

​Funds & Sponsors:

Sponsors, subsidy providers, grants or funding organizations

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Funds & Sponsors:

Would you like to support MuseumON to make a positive social impact as a subsidy party, sponsor, grant or funding organization?



Are you an NGO, cultural institution, art collector, research institute or IP owner? We establish collaborations to distribute collections, stories or ideas, and make them accessible to wider audiences. Do you have anything that you would like to share, or do you have an exhibition that you would like to display?



Are you, as a place owner or policy maker (i.e. malls, airports or cities), looking for ways to transform your location into a memorable destination while making a positive social impact? We help you to make it happen.


If you would like to support our platform or establish a collaboration, please get in touch:

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