The retail landscape is changing.

E-commerce and the rise of digital technologies have changed customer expectations: when visiting shopping malls, people look for experiences that go beyond traditional shopping.


How to stay relevant and deliver value in this ever-changing world?

MuseumON delivers temporary or permanent cultural activations and installations, experiences and exhibitions.


This turns your mall into a meaningful and experience-driven destination. It brings people together and delivers value-added activities that inspire visitors and passersby.


Your benefits

Stay relevant and differentiate yourself from others

By providing cutting-edge, value-added and immersive experiences that connect education, entertainment and retail, MuseumON improves your customer experience, and acts as a key differentiator of your mall.

Girls Shopping

Generate additional footfall and revenue

By providing a unique, free of charge, experience for visitors, MuseumON generates additional footfall and awareness of your location. MuseumON supports you in attracting more visitors and gives your customers an additional reason to re-visit your mall by enriching their shopping experience.

Fill vacant spaces and redirect visitors

By providing meaningful activities, MuseumON gives a way to fill vacant spaces on a temporary or permanent basis. It can generate traffic in less visited areas of your mall, giving you a persuasive and enticing tool to redirect visitors.

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Become more inclusive and reach your Corporate Responsibility Goals

By bringing collections and meaningful content out of their traditional locations into your mall, MuseumON makes arts, culture and science accessible to a wider audience, and turns your mall into an anchor point for the community.