MuseumON at your location

Are you looking for ways to transform your location into a memorable destination while making a positive social impact?

MuseumON works together with you to reinvent your space, and to provide unique and tailored experiences based on your requirements. Realizing MuseumON at your location, includes several steps.


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First, we’ll have an intake to explore the possibilities and options.

After that, we will specify your needs in more detail; amongst other things:

  • The target audience, goal and KPIs

  • Location (type and number of m2); see options below

  • Duration (pop-up, temporary or permanent)

Based on your situation and requirements, we’ll carefully curate content that matches your needs, and drives positive social impact.

We’ll collaborate with partners within our network to select the engaging and informative experiences that spark the interest of visitors and passersby.

We’ll deliver a turn-key concept that includes, amongst other things, the technical production, load-in/load-out and marketing toolkit.


Optionally, to generate re-visits, the exhibition content can be changed over time within your location or rotate across multiple assets.

Location options

There are several ways to integrate MuseumON into your location, for example:


Fill (vacant) spaces

Include an experience in an existing space, or as a free-standing structure in, for example, an atrium.

Spread installation

An installation at multiple places throughout a location to re-route visitors or generate traffic in less popular areas.


Wall enhancement

Enhancing a (shop) window, wall or surface with interactive or informative installations.


Stand-alone pavilion that can be place at indoor or outdoor locations.