Image by Ben Wicks


How passengers remember an airport greatly depends, not only on its operational efficiency, but also on the quality of their time spent there.


From shopping to dinning, airports are becoming functional and experience-driven destinations.


How to make your airport a place to stay, rather than a place to leave?

MuseumON delivers temporary or permanent cultural activations and installations, experiences and exhibitions.


This turns your airport into a meaningful and experience-driven destination. It brings people together and delivers value-added activities that inspire passengers.


Your benefits

Make dwell time more meaningful

MuseumON helps you to delight, educate, and entertain passengers. Providing value-added services that will improve passengers’ satisfaction and lead to potential future visits, and a rise in your airport’s reputation.

Provide a unique passenger experience whilst continuing operational efficiency

MuseumON enriches the existing retail and entertainment options at your terminal without interfering with the complex day to day airport operations.

Redirect visitors in a pleasant way

MuseumON enables you to subtly (re)direct the passenger flow, or reduce the potential disturbances caused by construction works at the terminal.

Reach your Corporate Responsibility Goals by presenting art, culture and science

By bringing collections and meaningful content out of their traditional locations to your airport, MuseumON makes arts, culture and science accessible to your passengers.