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Do you want to transform your location into a memorable destination while making a positive social impact?

MuseumON is an innovative platform that engages visitors or passersby, free of charge, in unexpected locations, with arts, culture, and science.


Our name


of our



refers to our goal of being open to the public to present historical, cultural, and/or scientific content for the purpose of enjoyment and education.

“ON” has several meanings:

  • Places - “ON” refers to the unexpected and accessible places at which we display this content (e.g. mall, airport or public space). Besides, it relates to the permanent or temporary nature of the experience: you can turn it on, and off again after a certain amount of time.

  • People - “ON” also refers to activating people’s minds/thoughts/learning, by triggering and sparking their interest and curiosity. 

We help you to make arts, culture & science accessible​ in order to:

Generate place


Enhance your

visitor journey

Manage visitor


Contribute to your community

MuseumON enriches places by delivering immersive, temporary or permanent experiences at unexpected locations:

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